Friday, 6 January 2012

A beautifully designed restaurant

On a recent trip to Denmark I decided to visit Aarhus.  It had been a few years and I was very keen to check out some new shops as well as soak up the atmosphere in this beautiful old city.  I first came across what I thought was a shop, but turned out to be the restaurant "Kähler Spisesalon".  In order to give diners the true Kähler experience the restaurant has been kitted out with their own beautiful ceramics! Which does explains why I initially mistook it for a flagship shop!  Kähler was established in 1839 and today collaborates with artists such as Louise Campbell and Stilleben  who designs parts of their collections.


  1. Happy New Year, Toni - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in Denmark! :)

    I just love spaces like this; it makes for a richer (and more unique) dining experience, doesn't it?

    Do they sell the pieces in the restaurant?

  2. Had a great time thanks and you? If you are interested in any of the Kahler stuff you are able to buy it in their online shop hope to see you soon x

  3. Oh, welcome!! What a great post. I love your photos of KS... I love the word: Spisesalon... in german it would be: Speisesalon... he he. First one is hardest right? Now we have all the tools thanks to Holly and Leslie, there is no more excuse. Have a great weekend and thank you for supporting my blog x


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