Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Design pit stop - Iceland

How gorgeous is  "Stöðin",  a combined restaurant, drive-through, convenience store and gas station! With inspiration taken from an American diner fused with the traditional Icelandic building technique this really is one special building! I love the contrast between the untreated concrete and the playful colours used inside. And with a view of the fjord to die for this place is sure to stop commuters in their tracks!

 Designed by KRADS architects

Images via Bo Bedre Photo: Kristinn Magnússon

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A home created by an artist

This is the imaginative home of artist 
Sussi Trampedach and her husband Gorm Bülow. The couple have  together transformed this 4th floor Copenhagen apartment into a space dominated by art and interesting details. I especially love the moody grey colours used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Source: BoBedre photo: Kira Brandt
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