Friday, 1 June 2012

A touch of house envy....

Check out the scenery and surroundings of this fabulous home in the town of Stavanger in Norway! No wonder that I am suffering from a bout  of house envy!

The house which had its former life in the 60’s has now been brought up to the requirements of modern 21st century by Element Architects and sits easily next to its more traditional neighbours.  Another s showcase of amazing Scandinavian design.


  1. I know everyone loves houses like these but for me they are far too modern and not colourful enough. However I do appreciate the amazing architecture and the great surroundings.

    Must go to Norway.

  2. Yes the surroundings are amazing Norway is beautiful and well worth a holiday.

  3. I love how airy an light the interior feels, but am less keen on this type of architecture. I prefer more traditional houses : )

  4. This house was originally built in the 60 ties but has since had a makeover in order to fit in with the environment. It reminds me of a holiday home we once rented in Cape Town which we loved!.But I know what you mean, it is very modern and possibly not that cosy.

  5. Is the house hanging over a cliff? I think the understated interior is perfect as it doesn't detract from the stunning views! Could just do with some furry rugs and throws to snuggle up in during the winter months :)

  6. Yep it really is bit of a cliffhanger! And I couldn't agree more a few sheep rugs would make all the difference during winter!

  7. Hello from BYW!
    I've seen this house before - it's amazing.
    I'm a massive fan of Scandinavian design so I was very excited to see your fabulous blog today! I will keep reading!
    xo Michelle

  8. What a gorgeous home!!!! Love your store as well, gorgeous products! Just stopped by to say hello and introduce myself.
    BYW2.0 Friend


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