Monday, 17 September 2012

From the Love of milk comes...

Anders Drage's Mountain Milk bottle!
Anders studied graphic design and was asked, as a final exam project to design the packaging of something he loved that could be sold as an international product.

He loves Norwegian milk and went on to design a milk bottle with a similar status to that of a high end  water bottle. 

Don't you just love it?

Fist seen on Love Nordic  images via Tine Melk Mountain-Milk


  1. Such a simple design but conveys that message of 'freshness'. Love the font he used :)

  2. Totally cool! I love how sophisticated it makes milk :)

  3. Thanks you just can't beat good design and I'm sure this bottle would sell milk big time x

  4. i dunno how i can ended up on your website? but i do really love that milk bottle. i would definately buy it if it's available in my hometown. keep designin mate!! holaa from Indonesia


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