Thursday, 21 March 2013

Skandivis goes off piste

Being married to a South African guy I'm a regular visitor to  Cape Town and have long been impressed and inspired by the creativity of the place. So to me, it is no surprise that Cape Town is the designated  Design Capital for 2014, as the place is absolutely buzzing!

As Skandivis is all about living the Scandinavian way,I'm never more excited than when I find Scandinavian influences in unusual places. My latest find is the creative hub the Woodstock Exchange located in Cape Town.  Apart from housing my favorite  Scandi/African brand: Pedersen & Lennard, it's also home to some of the most amazing cafes and workshops in Cape Town right now!

The design partnership Pedersen & Lennard  sells  hand-made as well as  machine-made products that have all been put together in their Cape Town  workshop. Their range is influenced by their fascination with South African craft and the clean aesthetic of their Scandinavian forefathers. Below are some of my favorite products from their current collection.

Photos from the Pedersen & Lennard cafe in Woodstock

Below the totally amazing restaurant Superette where I've spent hours people watching and taking in the super cool environment!

I'm planning to  be back at the same time next year to see what's in store during Cape Town Design Capital 2014, can't wait!


  1. Cool scandinavian style combined with hot SA sunshine - it doesn't get much better than that! Love the little stools made from metal buckets! What a great place to hang out... xo

  2. The bucket tool is my favorites too If only I had room in the suitcase... did manage to come home with the bread bin and a few hooks though! xx

  3. What fabulous photos of an amazing looking place lovely. You favourite restaurant looks just gorgeous. I hope I get there one day! See you Saturday! Xx

  4. The place is absolutely amazing and I could absolutely spend days there! See you tomorrow luv xx

  5. Beautiful pictures and wonderful finds, I've also enjoyed following you on instagram. Have a lovely week Toni. x

  6. Thank you very Geraldine your comments means a lot to me! Have a lovely week too! xxx


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