Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A peek at my home ...

I just love looking at other people's houses, so I thought it might be time that I let you had a peek at mine too...

Photos by Jill Macnair


  1. Ha, I knew it. Beautiful, minimalist, nordic and stylish.

    Prey, that yellow pouffe, that belongs into my space..... I want it now! I couldn't make out that big thing that says Nike...

    Love the big table with the hanging lamps.

    I also have the 'Le Klint' pendant light. it's an absolute classic. It's moved with me from home to home.

    Love your space. Yes, happily come for tea!

  2. You're welcome for tea anytime! Be warned though, my teapot collection is minimal only one Arne Jacobsen! So for a bit of colour you'll have to bring your cute red one along!

  3. Hi, I love white kitchens and yours is cool! And your lamps look great above that huge table in the dining room!;) I guess you have a lot of people coming to your place for dinner...very nice! Love all

  4. Thank you Agniesza the pictures are quite old now so our house already looks a bit different. x


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