Friday, 17 February 2012

Top Styling

I just love the work of the Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, and particularly these shots, packed with humour, simplicity and class.

Photography from the top: Kristiina Kurronen, Rikka Kartinkoski, Mirva Kakko

Styling by Susanna Vento


  1. These are great, Tony. I love the playfullness as well as the humour. You have a great eye.

    Read latest blog post from Holly at she visited Ambiente and wrote up her favourite stands. Really great. Outstanding for me was the family owned 'Nordal' who really manage to capture a mixture of nordic infused with colours from the east. Just fell in love with their stuff.

  2. I agree Nordal is gorgeous and I do like the way they manage to combine the Nordic with the vibrant colours of the east, however, as far as Skandivis is concerned I'll be staying closer to the Nordic influence for now.


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