Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Scandinavian Design at Formland

Just back from a hectic break in Denmark I am happy to report that I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Formland,  for me is the most inspiring trade show in Scandinavia. I mainly focused on the "New Note" an area dedicated to spotting tomorrow's international trends and found myself drawn towards old favourites such as By Nord Copenhagen, designerSHIP, Neon Living and Louise Roe Design Essentials.

Style lab at Formland

Louise Roe Design Essentials with an ever expanding
and exciting collection of cushions with urban prints.

The Taste collection from designerSHIP nominate  for the second time in one year at Formland
Kähler Spisesalon  at Formland but can permanently be found in Aarhus.
By Nord Copenhagen  with some super cute additions to there beautiful collection.                                                                                   

Yay! I  got a chance to chat to Tine Bjerregaard, Allan Torp
& Hulda Rún, the people behind my favorite
Danish blog 


  1. Cool! Trade shows can be so fun (in moderation). I hope to go to Tendence this year in Frankfurt. NIce of you to report your faves here. Yay to the Taste Collection!

    1. Yep they can be very overwhelming and Formland is quite big :)

  2. Looks fun. Love the colourful Taste collection.:)

  3. It was a lot of fun thanks :)


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