Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Swedish design talents

We all know that the cool Swedes are at the top of their game when it comes to designing furniture! Only this time I'm not thinking Ikea ...  Check out some of the amazing Swedish designs that got me swooning lately!

The "String" shelving by The architect Nisse Strinning, one of the designers who in the middle of the 20th century started what today referred to as Scandinavian design. String first came on the market 60 years ago, the white version is new though.

The minimalist "Frame" Table designed by Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Lowenhielm. The  filing cabinet is designed by Jessica Signell Knutsson.

Staffan Holm has created this unique shelving unit that concertinas flat for Scandinavian brand One Nordic.

The Mikado cupboard is designed by Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren  the  girls behind the Swedish design group Front.


  1. That Mikado cupboard is great! I remember my parents having shelving that looked a lot like the String shelving - truly timeless. Great pieces, though the table might be a little too minimalist for me personally :-)

  2. The table may be a bit too minimal but don't you just love the filing cupboard? :-)

  3. My daughter has the String shelving in her room. Love its minimalist simplicity. I didn't realise the white was a new addition to the collection. x

  4. I really love String shelving - white or coloured colours, great for kids rooms : ) So many other great Swedish designs too... maybe it's time for a post on Swedish kids design...

    1. Watch this space Ursula who know maybe a kids room will appear very soon! :-)


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