Friday, 21 June 2013

A Child's room in monochrome

As children get older it can be a challenge to transform what essentially is a playroom to a cool hangout for an older child, so I have put together a few favorites from my shop that might just help you on the way...

1. HappyCat  
2. Small Talk poster 
3. Design Letters Cups  
4. By Nord Bear Bed linen
5. Ferm Living Triangle laundry basket 
6. By Nord Wally Wall organiser 


  1. I need to decorate my son's bedroom and these ideas are great. Would love to give it a monochrome theme - now what do I do with all the Dr Who stuff??? ;-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. Thanks Carole! Dr Who is pretty cool right? And the stuff would fit in pretty well with the monochrome don't you think? xxx

  3. Everything tick, except for no1, mine is too grown up and no 6 great storage idea. xx

  4. LOVE no 6 those by nord wally wall organisers are fabulous! What a great design. x

  5. Thank you Louisa :-) I've just discovered that you have won the Best Interiors Blog award amazing news an absolutely well done! Congratulations xxx

  6. oh, I love love love the poster!!

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog Elise :-)

  8. Love - black is so cool for a kids room!


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