Monday, 19 March 2012

A small world in pictures ...

I l o v e  checking out other people's houses, so when Living Etc announced their house tour I jumped at the chance, and together with some of my blogger friends,  went on a house adventure of North London.  One of the houses we visited is the home of Irenie Cossey who is the designer behind IS Designers and this gorgeous collection of miniature scenes from everyday  life ...

The picture can be purchased by contacting


  1. Beautiful pictures! So interesting, like picture in the picture :) Have a nice Monday! Eeli

  2. Toni, I loved them too. We all stood around the ones hanging there and were fascinated. The pictures don't do them justice. You have to see them in the flesh (so to speak).

    Great post and what a good idea to blog about this!

    1. I agree you have to be there to fully appreciate the pictures x

  3. Love it Toni! I might post about her too - such lovely artwork! :)

  4. Love that swimming pool picture and the lawnmower one is pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing Toni - wish I could have been there with you!

  5. WOW, those pictures are really amazing!

  6. What beautiful artwork! Hope I can get to do the tour next year! Cx


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