Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The so striking Cocoa Eyes

The amazing cocoa eyes logo was designed by the Swedish graphic designer  Olle Eksell  for Mazetti Ögon;  a Swedish chocolate factory.  The chocolate factory has now been lovingly restored and functions as a hotel, nightclub as well as a cultural center .   

Check out the Mazetti-eyes that are evident throughout the building, as well as the poster as it is featured in various magazines!

This Cocoa Eyes poster was printed in 1999 by Olle Eksell for his exhibition at Form Design center in Malmö, Sweden, and often pops up in magazine shoots.

Images Jaroslav CsampaiModern Findings, Vastemanlandsker


  1. LOVE the poster Toni! You really can't beat a bit of Scandinavian design-I actually had to stop myself from pinning so many scandinavian images just to try and get me out of my comfort zone!! Cx

  2. Love this. Thank you for a great introduction, again!!

    Actually not sure would hang the poster up (have those eyes staring at me) but still live it!

    1. Recon it would be a bad idea having someone keeping an eye on you!

  3. I've got a huge weakness for posters,and like you I'm often drawn towards Scandinavian design as they often are very funny too!


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