Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter cuteness

I first came across Spagat, a graphic design agency on PureDeco. Within minutes I was swooning over their seriously cool studio and the very cute Easter decorations. Designed by the owner Sidsel Gaustadnes,  these cuties are certain to make a splash this Easter.

Spagat, the name behind this charming design translates to doing the splits!

 loving this studio

Creative spacious feel

Images via


  1. Very very cute indeed. Love them all.

    Great airy studio. Great find Toni:)

  2. Yes, aren't they just! I'm kicking myself that I didn't manage to order them in time for Easter!
    Well there is always next year x

  3. I love Spagat too Toni - their studio just looks sooo cool and amazing!

  4. Thanks for the credit! I will pay you back when I'll have a post with the Hoptimists later:)

  5. My pleasure, your blog is a great source of inspiration!


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