Monday, 16 April 2012

The Fabulous Goose ...

I adore the Danish brand  Fabulous Goose and I'm over the moon finally to have it in my shop!
The patterns for the baby and kids blankets are cut by hand out of paper, inspired by the great H.C. Andersen and the way he made the paper cuts for his fairy tales.

The blankets are nostalgic as well as contemporary & just sooooo cute!

Check out our new Hookies clothes hangers the kids hangers with a retro feel! I remember them from my childhood when I used them for my dolls clothes! Sweet


  1. These are completely gorgeous Toni! I must make a trip to your shop in person...! Cx

  2. Oh i remember those hangers too! so cute :)

  3. Caroline, totally worth it!!!

    What lovely blankets. They are..and gorgeous photos.
    Love the hangers too x

  4. Lovely s tuff Toni - big fan of everything! x

  5. Always knew you had excellent taste x


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