Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Nordic Home of Silje Aune Eriksen

This cool home of the Norwegian ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen was recently featured In Elle Decoration Norway.  For me the real star of this home is the STOOL! Would you believe it?!  I the lover of all things  in white and moody grey colours actually want to run home, and attack all  available table legs with a spray can!


Loving the ceramic milk cartons designed by Silje

and the muffin cups and porcelain spoons 

Styling: Kirsten Visdal
Photo: Trine Thorsen
The Home of Silje Aune Eriksen in Elle Decoration Norway


  1. You make me laugh.... Run home with a spray can....

    At Cass Art in islington they have a whole shelf of spray cans behind the till. Everytime I pay at the till Ifantasize about buying the whole lot. ... the day will come....

    Elle Decoration Norway sounds so sophisticated. Oh, yes, that's because it is!!!
    Everything Nordic is, right?

    Lovely home!

    1. I have a wooden Ikea stool in my office that is
      S C R E A M I N G for a makeover Cass Art here I come... x

  2. OMG, just spotted the orange HAY tea towel. Nanana, I'm sophisticated too:)

    1. You don't really need an orange HAY tea towel to make you sophisticated Tina! x

  3. Love those pops of neon colour - so now!

  4. Yes, with a splash of colour you can instantly update the look of a room!


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