Friday, 30 November 2012

I've fallen for an advent calendar ♥

Ok, so I'm no longer a child and should probably not get THAT excited about an advent calendar! But this one is so simple and beautiful in its design that it makes my heart sing...

from  Daniella Witte


  1. No no no! I thought I had such a great - not to mention unique - idea by doing pretty much the same thing for my son this year and haven't even had a chance to post it yet! Goes to show how average I am after all.... ;-) It looks lovely and you're never too old for an advent calendar! xo

  2. Looking at your blog nothing about you is average! I will keep an eye out for your post X

  3. It's so pretty. I've just done my posting on advent calendars too, my son is so excited - it's as if Christmas has come early for him :) Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  4. I going over to check out your post right away! Have a lovely weekend too Geraldine xx

  5. Oh lordie - that is rather lovely in a super simple way! x


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