Wednesday, 12 December 2012

That's a wrap

I'm happy to say that December has been very busy here at Skandivis! Thankfully it seems like lots of you are still in love with the Nordic lifestyle and are buying Scandinavian Christmas presents. I  wonder what the gifts will look like all wrapped up on Christmas day?

Will they look anything like these  ...

Creative with MP masking tape 

Natural materials  

Earthy and stylish

1. Cecilies Lykke , 2.  79 Ideas,  3.  Ally Capellino


  1. Absolutely! Always liked the pared-back Nordic style. I'm combining black and neutral this year for my gift-wrapping - or at least that's the plan for now ;-) Have a great day xo

  2. Love the Natural Materials :) What will your's look like? Or are you trying to decide..?

    Xx. Holly

  3. Omg-what gorgeous ideas Toni-I'm a right lazy wotsit when it comes to wrapping-appauling job and I just blame it on the kids!!!!! Have a lovely weekend lovely. (Our little trip getting nearer-must tell Jon soon!!!)xx

  4. In an ideal world my gift wrapping would look like this but in reality .... Haven't told Jon yet? Do do make me lol :)

  5. Love that washi masking tape idea in neon pink and the Baker's twine. x

  6. I love the present with the greenery on top top - so simple and pretty. I love wrapping presents but usually go waaaaay over the top. Happy Christmas Toni x

  7. It's all about the natural look for me this year-olive branches from the garden, cut-offs from the tree and brown paper...mixed in with washi tape and baker's twine for good measure. Have a great Christmas Toni!

  8. I must say... i love scandinavia!



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