Friday, 4 May 2012

Kind By Nature

Kind By Nature is the name behind a very special Danish web shop. In this shop things are made by hand and with kindness & love, which surely has to be a good thing! So with that in mind I went shopping and had a fantastic time.

You will find my favourites below

I'm a long time admirer of the edgy Batgirl but found that the competition was  fierce and she was soon joined by a gang of seriously cool contenders!

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  1. Love the name of the shop and great illustrations! By the way Toni-I LOVE your banner-I must learn how to do that. Was it hard?! Cx

    1. Thanks for noticing my new banner Caroline! David created it for me and don't think it was difficult! Let me know if you would like him to make one for you. xx

  2. Oh, David is being hired out.... hmmm:)

    What a great name for their business. It really summarises what they're about. Really beautiful illustrations. I'm with Nicola, particularly like the bear!


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