Friday, 25 May 2012

Shades of grey

Summer has finally arrived here in London and you might expect me to get out the beautiful summery images! But the truth is that even on a beautiful sunny day like today nothing inspires me more than the mysterious and very cool shades of grey...
  Grey is amazing for creating new layers, structure and depth...

Room shot via Stellan-Herner , Letters from Design Letters 
Image of wood log via By Nord,  Source of paint tins unknown


  1. LOVE shades of gray! I have many grey tones in my home, and are very pleased with it.:-) Nice collage!

    Have a great weekend:-)


  2. Thanks Beate! I always enjoy checking your blog out too! I'll head over to it straight away.

    Have a fab weekend.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this-you've inspired me Toni-these shots and colours are just beautiful and all because they're so simple> I've got to stop being so complicated-will get my thinking cap on_Thank you!!!x

  4. And you inspire me Caroline! Love your photography and need to learn from the master very soon!

  5. Always love a bit of grey, especially me, the colour obsessed.

  6. You do make me smile! You are so not a grey person but well tried :)

  7. Just looking for the right shade of grey for a little boys room now : )


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