Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wild about horses ...

By Nord Copenhagen, one of our best selling brands, is known to have strong links to the natural world and this season they have gone wild about horses ...

 A top model...



               Outstanding design

+  via lisan-listyle
= via Google
 Photographer of The Icelandic horse unknown please let us know if you know the source.


  1. Hej Toni, super dejlig at møde dig på 'The Hive' i Berlin. Glæder mig til at ses igen - enten på 'Blogging your way' - Eller i London perhaps for a lovely glass of wine!! :)
    Anya fra Anya Adores xxx

  2. Hej Anya, Ja det var rigtigt hyggeligt at moede dig, haaber at se dig paa BYW ogsaa! Et glas vin er altid godt saa sig endelig til naar du kommer til London xxx

  3. Hey Toni,
    I really love your shop and this blog! It's not really my sister's style, but I'll need to get some stuff for my flat/kitchen from your shop, maybe some props too to use in my photography.
    x Anne

  4. Thanks Anne you are always very welcome.


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